Team Camps:

Team camps will enhance TEAM WORK and building trust.  The team camps will also provide a competitive atmosphere that will improve the team moral.  Team camps will teach proper philosophies of defense and offense.  At ESA we will work with the coach to receive desirable outcomes.  We will improve discipline; create opportunities for leaders to step up; and, enhance the teams’ cohesiveness through drills and competitive games.

Programs and Services

Private Training:

In our private sessions we will maximize 1hr and 30 minutes to improve skill and IQ.  The session will consist of high energy and high intensity customized training that will fulfill the pre-identified goals of the athlete.  There will be an evaluation and skills assessment on the first day which will be utilized to develop an action plan. 

Guard Clinics:

The clinics will teach mental, physical and skill sets of being an Elite guard.  Guards’ knowledge of what, where, when and how will be enhanced.  Attention to detail as well as increased reps of ball handling drills, shooting, scoring, passing, tempo, defense and leadership qualities are all included in the training.  All guards will improve in the areas of conditioning, speed and agility, and versatility.

All Fundamental Clinics:

This clinic will help beginners develop a solid foundation of skill and IQ for the game. Players will learn the basketball basics and the proper way to shoot, dribble, defend, pass, rebound and run the floor.  Players will also learn what, where, when and how to execute skills learned.  Upon completion of the clinic, the players’ skills will be assessed and each athlete will receive a skills/knowledge evaluation sheet which will provide the player with feedback concerning areas of improvement and opportunities for growth and development.

Shooting and Scoring Clinics:

These clinics will specialize in “Getting Buckets”.  To get buckets an athlete must develop the skills to score the basketball. The athlete must be aggressive and develop the mental capacity to implement short-term memory of missed shots in order to move on to the next opportunity.  At ESA we will concentrate on shooting from all angles, creating space for shots and finishing around the basket.  At the end of each session the players will have the opportunity to practice what they have learned with live defensive situations. 

Big Man Clinics:

The clinics are for the TRADITIONAL and STRETCH BIGS. During these sessions the players will learn how to position themselves, score inside and on the perimeter. They will also build upon the fundamental techniques to increase their pass, dribble, and shooting skills. They will learn how to be versatile, and increase their basketball IQ.  Physically, they will improve in the areas of conditioning, agility, speed and quickness.

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