Elevated Elite Tryouts & Registration

Elevated Elite IS SEEKING PLAYER FOR 2017 year. There is over 25 years of skill building, leadership development, and successful academic deliverables as a foundation to build this dynamic team and provide an ELEVATED experience.

The introductory team fee is $400. However, when a minimum of two (2) T-Shirts are purchased from the Elevated Sports Academy T-Shirt Campaign, the fee is discounted to $400. Attach a copy of the receipt to the Team Registration Form. 

        The Fee includes the following:

         + Foundation Skills Building Training

         + Intermediate & Advance Skills Development

         + AAU Athlete Membership 

         + Team Uniform 

​         + Access to a Practice Jersey

         + Fitness & Nutrition Guidance ​

​         + Character Education and Leadership Development

ELEVATED ELITE TEAM FEE -  W/ 2 T-Shirt Purchase 
$175 x 2= $350*

Payment in 2 Installments, Thank You!



ELEVATED ELITE TEAM FEE - $200 x 2= $400*

Payment in 2 Installments, Thank You!

Elevated Elite Team Fee- w/ 2 T-Shirt Purchase  $350*

Full Payment, Thank You!

Elevated Elite Team Fee - $400*

Full Payment, Thank You!

* Does not include additional Fees Associated with other Team activities:  Warm-ups (Eastbay), Travel to/from Activities, Out-of-State Travel expences (Hotel, Travel, etc.), meals between games, etc.

* A PayPal account is not required for FULL PAYMENT OPTIONS. Look for the statement "Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit." 

* INSTALLMENT PAYMENT OPTIONS require a PayPal account.

A.A.U SPONSORED ORGANIZATION PROVIDING BASKETBALL SKILLS TRAINING                        501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Elevated Sports Academy

T-Shirt Campaign

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