At Elevated Consultants, Inc., our experts will work with all athletes to build their brand.  We will assist them with their career goals, life after athletics, improving job opportunities and building a portfolio for success. Through Elevated Consultants, Inc. services, clients are provided the opportunity to enhance their careers as entrepreneurs and learn to be good stewards of their income. We work on elevating personal and professional development.  Our focus will be on Professionalism (AT ALL TIMES BE A PRO), Respect, Integrity, Character and Elevation (Elevating Mind, Body and Skill).

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Elevated Consultants, Inc. will provide resources and services for recruiting, academic tutoring, SAT and ACT preparation. Our team of experts will facilitate “Know the Process” sessions which will educate the student/athletes and parents on what to expect during recruiting.  We will work with the school’s counselors, teachers and administration to support the student/athlete position for academic success.


At Elevated Consultants, Inc. we will work with clients to improve mental stability.  Our team recognizes that athletes need more than physical conditioning and development. We offer services and workshops to address topics, such as: stress management, scheduling and time management, conflict strategies and critical thinking skills. It is important to lead a balance life, and through our comprehensive holistic approach, we provide opportunities for success.

There may be athletes that require additional support who struggle with various mental health diagnosis.  Elevated Consultants, Inc. will provide services and resource that will facilitate the best quality of mental health support to assist clients to improve their quality of life.  We offer private, group and family sessions to enhance knowledge and strategies for success.